Spend less time managing pay for your employees so you can concentrate on growing your business.

You will be billed on the number of active employees of your company in Siscom. An active employee means an employee whose salary gets processed through Siscom each month in the normal course and doesn’t include those employees for whom all exit formalities have been completed in the software.

Those employees whose salary has been kept on hold or who have been excluded from payroll run, but are still active in Siscom (i.e. their full & final settlement hasn’t been done) will be considered as active employees for all billing purposes.

Yes, we can integrate any biometric device with Siscom so that attendance details of your employees are automatically pushed to Siscom for salary calculation. Biometric integration comes at a one-time fee of approximately Rs. 15,000.

However, the actual cost of integration may vary based on the number of attendance devices and the attendance policies of your company. Please contact us on info@siscomsystems.com or +91-124-422 1127 for more details.

Yes, we charge a one-time setup and implementation fee equivalent to 1 month billing or Rs. 5,000, whichever is higher.

This price covers setting up of rules and policies of your organization in Siscom and training your payroll admin on using Siscom by a dedicated amount manager.

We follow a pre-paid mode of payment. When you subscribe, you will need to make advance payment for at least 3 months to recharge your account and thereafter, you’ll need to maintain sufficient balance in your account to keep on running payroll.

At the end of each month, we’ll deduct the balance from your account based on your plan and number of active employees and whenever your balance gets low, you’ll need to make an additional payment to recharge your account.

There is no contract. If you are not happy with the value you are getting from Siscom, you can cancel the subscription anytime and can take a backup of all payroll data by downloading it from your account.

Yes, we have partnered with the leading biometric devices company in India to offer various types of biometric devices based on fingerprint, card, or facial recognition and they can be bought at an additional cost. Our partner also offers geo tagging based attendance app for employees working from remote locations.

These devices are pre-integrated with Siscom and time & attendance data from these devices is automatically synced with payroll for salary calculation.